Here are what colleagues, professors and authors who have worked with Sean are saying about his work.

“Sean Frederick Forbes’ presentation to our students at Quinebaug Valley Community College was enormously popular, and, more importantly, energizing. While the presentations of many writers are rigidly preconceived, Sean’s are engaged and engaging. He listens to his audience, checks the pulse of their understanding and adjusts accordingly. As impressive a reader as he is, it’s clear he’s really here to communicate, not show off. The trust he earned with his audience spilled over into the workshop he did with my creative writing class afterwards, where his considerable teaching skills really shone. My class was very diverse in terms of age, interests, class, race, and exposure, yet Sean brought them through a session of reading and writing poems with a deep consideration of how form and content are linked. His lesson reverberated throughout the rest of the semester. I highly recommend Sean Frederick Forbes as an excellent poet, reader, and teacher, who is as effective with beginning poets as he is with the most advanced.”

—Jon Andersen, author of Stomp and Sing.
Poetry reading and workshop delivered on October 1, 2014

“As the Assistant Director of the University of Connecticut’s Creative Writing program, I asked Sean Forbes to headline our Long River Reading Series in October of 2014. In front of a packed house at our Co-op bookstore, Sean began his set by giving a short talk on the poet Michelle Cliff, and then read poems from his book, Providencia. I simply can’t say enough about Sean’s performance. He is that rare reader of poetry who is both polished and raw, which is to say that he reads professionally, yet inhabits his poems with great immediacy, as if each line becomes new as it is read. The audience, consisting in large part of undergraduates, was magnetized during his reading, which he peppered with engaging comments on craft, which were so useful that I noticed several audience members taking notes. Sean was absolutely the star of the night and thinks well on his feet—many students had questions for him during the Q & A session after the reading, which he answered with insight and grace. Over all, Sean is an incredibly gifted presenter of his own work, and gives the kind of reading where the listener hangs on his every word. Sean read for 25 minutes, and I think everyone present would have been grateful for him to have read for twice as long.”

—Miller Oberman, winner of Poetry magazine’s John Frederick Nims Memorial Prize for Translation.
Poetry reading delivered on October 17, 2014.

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