Poetry in the palm of your hands

Sean Frederick Forbes characterizes his style of poetry as narrative in quality. The title of his book not only pays homage to his ancestral island, but also illustrates the fact that writing the book, as the word “providence” denotes, was his destiny. As he was putting the poems in order, he began to realize that there was a psychic force behind the project as a whole. For instance, out of his maternal grandmother’s eleven grandchildren, he is the one closest to her. He was the ninth child she raised. Sean spent most of his time after school and on the weekends in the kitchen with her, and he listened intently to the stories she told him about her life in Providencia. The incantatory nature of her patois, the cadence of her words, the images she evoked, were poetry to his ears, and he tried my best to replicate the same nuances in his own poems.

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